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  • Bahai Gardens Haifa Israel

    Bahai GardensDelightful moments

    Bahai Gardens at Haifa, One of the wonders of the world list of UNESCO,
    a holy sites and places of pilgrimage for Bahá'ís believe.

    In your tour to Haifa you will not want to miss it. The terraced gardens, near the German Colony, which have resturants over there

  • Haifa sea

    Haifa BeachesLascivious to the depraved dance

    Haifa selection of beaches, all ages and styles.
    Beaches for families, for students, Surfers beaches and quite beaches

    There is even a beach with a pool. We are indeed grateful to God for these beaches, You are welcome.

  • Kids Museum in Haifa

    MuseumsMagic of Science and art

    Haifa is full of museums, such as 1.Haifa Museum of Art, 2.Haifa Museum of Japanese Art, 3.Hermann -Shattuck, 4.Marine Museums, 5.Haifa Museum of Science.

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  • Cave of prehistoric man at Haifa in Carmel mount

    Cave of prehistoric manWondrous historicl moments

    Four prehistoric caves cave creek,
    Unique findings discovered at the site (important human fossil), made the site to one of the famousest in the world.

    Discovered evidence of Neanderthals and modern humans; burials; use symbolic objects beads and dyes, and permanent settlement and building stone houses.

  • Summer beach party at Israel

    Beach PartyJubilant nights at the beach

    You will find yourself at the Haifa beach in the summer watching the party going on near haifa sea, at Nirvana and Camel area's, many resturants and locations for parties in your vacation

    If you are no longer a young keep smiling, since there is also a dancing to you too.

  • family-travels in Haifa and around

    Park NesherBreathtaking park

    Inside track hike, lookouts and bridges over the valley. In the Park green spaces, sports and fitness facilities, hiking trails, birds view, picnic tables and a rich and diverse flora

    Cross stone bridge and continue to the bottom of the stream. Some wooden steps leading through the grove Sea - Mediterranean with resting benches and beautiful landscape. A few hundred meters to the west reach the suspension bridge. Walk between heaven to earth, above the trees you can pass a very narrow bridge and swinging.

  • Best Resaurants at Haifa

    Haifa's ResturantsSurprising sensual taste

    At 3 major points, at the beach, at the Carmel mountain, at the down city, and each area has his uniqeness in the taste.

    You should some night in the mountain at Carmel center or at Moria road, but only after you try one night at the the german colony, near the Bahai gardens, you don't want to miss this area of Haifa.

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